I love tea, Alice in Wonderland, and reading (although I am unable to do it as often as I’d like). I enjoy almost all genres of music and my music mood changes daily. I love to sing and dance along with anything I’m listening to, and at the very least bob my head to the beat. I have my daring moments; dabbling in the adventures of crowd-surfing at concerts and someday soon I want to skydive to feel what it’s like to be as free as a bird. I like to have fun and have a bit of a lame sense of humor, but I have been known to be witty at times. On the other hand, when the time comes for being serious, I know how to do that, too. I love my family more than anything; the support they provide me is unlike any other. We are slightly dysfunctional and a tad bit strange, but it’s okay; “we’re all mad here.”

I am:
a woman, a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, a friend
a photographer, a musician, an artist, a nursing student
unique, creative, adaptable
aspiring, loyal, honest
loving, kind, caring